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Congratulations and Happy 96th anniversary of the Civil Aviation in Mongolia and Air Carrier’s Day to all our valuable employees of “New Ulaanbaatar International Airport” LLC and colleagues of the civil aviation sectors.

The impacts of COVID-19 epidemic which is spreading around the world, is having a serious impact on the global economy including the civil aviation sector.

Deeply appreciate to all of your continued entire effort in order to launch the “Chinggis Khaan International Airport” LLC operation and adhering the rules and regulations to overcome of the Covid-19 epidemic during the economic crises. 

We are delighted that to open a new chapter in the history of Mongolian Civil aviation sector, introducing international airport operations with safety and comfortable service which meets with international standards. We sincerely believe and appreciate your continued collaboration and efforts to sustain and develop our airport operations with succeed in the future.   

 We wish you lost of success in your future endeavors and congratulations to your  dearest family and good health and happiness.



Chief Executive Officer