1. Corporate Strategy and Planning Officer is responsible for implementing the duties mentioned below in accordance with the instruction by Head of Business Planning Department, or Division Manager of Corporate Strategy and Planning Division.
  2. Corporate Strategy and Planning Officer to increase the understanding of company’s business strategies and policies, to support the improvement of the company’s operational performance by defining the company’s development policy.
  3. Responsible for developing, implementing, monitoring a company management plans, annual reports, and other reports/documents and submitting to the relevant organizations.
  4.  Preparing and organizing meetings of the Board of Directors, Shareholders meetings and other meetings included in the division’s duty and organizing work to ensure the implementation of the meeting decisions.


  1. Preparing, compiling, and monitoring the company’s business plan and budget, annual report, O&M report, and any other report/document to be submitted to Government organizations.
  • Supporting the preparation and organization of necessary documents for the Board of Directors Meeting and Shareholders Meeting.
  • Translation of official letters received by the company or to be issued by the company and introduce the letters to the CEO.
  1. Communicate with 3rd party organizations regarding the main duties of the Division.
  2. Develop, register, store and monitor documents and official letters received to the Division and to be issued by the Division.
  3. Prepare and submit time balance, personal information, and research of Division employees.

Conduct research of training needs and requirements of the Division employees, develop training plans according to the requirements of the workplace.


  • Bachelor’s degree or above
  • Business administration, or international relation or Environment, or Marketing
  • Being classified by occupation (Administration related works, Interpreting and Translation related works)
  • 2 years or more in the related field.
  • Communication skill, Logical thinking, Make analyzing, Creative
  • English (Advanced), Japanese (would be advantage)
  • Proficient in using MS software, Positive attitude, Able to work in a team

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